Warranty & Return Authorization Information

Bottombumpers stands behind the quality and workmanship of its products. For this reason, we offer the following warranty on our diapers:

  • 1 year warranty on snaps
  • 6 month warranty on Stitching, PUL fabric, seams, Aplix
  • 3 month warranty on Elastic & organic cotton fabric

What is NOT covered:  leaks, odors, stains, fading, repelling, and normal wear & tear.

If you wish to return a Bottombumpers(R)  diaper for a repair or exchange you must do the following: 

  1. Contact us to make sure your return qualifies, if you are unsure. We will review your request and send a response within 2 business days. Otherwise just follow these steps to return a diaper.  Many times we process returns over email with pictures, so shipping isnt necessary.
  2. Fill out the Return Authorization Form found at www.bottombumpers.com/RMAform.pdf and return with the product(s).After submitting the form, send your product(s) for exchange or repair to the address below.
  3. All warranty requests must have a proof of purchase receipt unless advised otherwise by email
  4. Please mail shell of diaper WITHOUT soaker if the soaker is not in need of repair or replacing.  This saves shipping :)

Mail returns to:
   15 W Main St
    Albion, IL  62806  USA
Contact us:
    Phone:   618-445-3333
    Email:  bottombumpers@gmail.com
    Mail:  Bottombumpers, 15 W Main St., Albion, IL   62806

*All returned products must in clean and acceptable condition.

Bottombumpers™ Return Authorization Form
Elastic repairs:
If you have diapers with elastic that has went out, we repair elastic in house.   Snap diapers are easier to repair and are $2/diaper.  Aplix diapers require us to remove the front strip and replace it and these are $3/diaper.  Return shipping is also customers responsibility.  For elastic repairs, we ask customers to make sure their diapers are very, very clean.   We ask you not to send the soakers as it just increases the shipping costs.   Please mail your shells to the address above with a return form (no proof of purchase necessary) and a Paypal email address for invoicing the repair fees and return shipping once they are completed.