You've reached the party page!!!  Congrats!!!  One prize per person - When prompted enter ONE ONLY of these codes (codes are in the "quotations") in the Facebook post that I made that has the party hat picture- first one of each that posts that code wins- ONE code PER comment.. AND JUST THE CODE.. :)  If you read to fast and disobeyed the rules then sorry I'll skip you :) LOL

Prizes are:

  • New One Size Dot Print Diaper  "OS4ME"    --CONGRATS Sheila Rollins
  • Super Secret *almost selected as a holiday collection* Diaper that there is ONLY one of - One Size  "SSOSCAT"  --- CONGRATS Michelle Adcock Johnson
  • 6 Pack of Wipes  "6PKOCWOOHOO" -- CONGRATS Melanie Culp
  • Small Aplix Diaper   "APSMYAY"  -CONGRATS Ellen Crafton Sanford
  • Large LIME Snap Diaper "5KLIME" - CONGRATS DebnMike Moretti
  • Pail Liner in the color of your choice!!!    "NOBAREPAIL"  -- CONGRATS Samantha Hally


Other winners of the 5K Fan Celebration are:

  • Katie Statler - Free Dot Diaper
  • Meredith Miller - Free Solid Diaper of her choice
  • Allison Wing- Free Solid Diaper of her Choice


Email me at with your mailing address and the color of the item you'd like to have if applicable :)  Thanks EVERYONE!!!