First please be aware there are many "right" ways to wash cloth diapers. If you already cloth diaper and what you are doing works for you, stick with it!

  • Before washing/drying your diapers, we recommend you unsnap the soaker to avoid it pulling on the material around the snaps. This can cause holes in the lining of the diaper.
  • Wash all new diapers before use and make sure to dry AIOs on HOT to seal needle holes in the PUL.
  • Diapers will need to be prepared for use. The more the cotton is washed the more absorbent it becomes. We recommend washing and drying 6-8 times before counting on the cotton to be extremely absorbent.
  • After prewashed/used, we do a short cold wash/rinse to get the messes off the diapers.
  • Then Wash HOT with a cloth diaper safe detergent to sanitize, sterilize, kill bacteria, etc.   View List of Detergents
  • Then tumble dry or line dry. (Hot dry the first dry)
  • Allow diapers to completely cool before folding, wearing or putting away as pulling on elastic while it is warm/hot will cause the elastic to wear out or break fast!!!
  • Every few washes we do an extra HOT wash and we do an extra long 2-3 hour or overnight soak with the detergent.
  • Do not use bleach or fabric softeners.