When to adjust the settings on your one size diaper

One-size diapers are fantastic for getting a perfect fit on your baby. Bottombumpers One Size AIOs have several color coded settings available to make achieving a great fit a breeze.



Here are some signs that baby’s diaper needs to be adjusted:

1. It falls off baby when they move around.
2. When baby sits, it gapes out around their tummy.
3. It droops down off their bottom and around their legs.
4. It leaks. Leaking does not necessarily mean poor fit, but poor fit can cause leaking.
5. It chafes baby’s skin.
6. Any part of baby’s anatomy that shouldn’t be showing outside the diaper is (i.e. butt crack or penis). If so, the rise of the diaper needs to be increased.
7. Baby’s circulation is being cut off (their legs appear purple).
8. Baby has red marks that seem to bother him or her. All red marks are not bad news, as most clothing, especially with elastic, can leave marks on delicate skin. If the mark is light pink and looks like an elastic imprint, it is probably fine. If they are deep, purple or red, and don’t fade away quickly they may be hurting your baby and you should adjust the fit immediately.

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