What do you need to cloth diaper?

Researching and choosing cloth diapers can be extremely overwhelming! Many parents become stressed out and ask what they really need to successfully cloth diaper their baby. I’ve broken it down for you here into *Must Haves* and *Might Wants*.

*Must Haves*

Diapers – 36 for newborn stage, 24-36 for infant and toddler stage. If you choose sized diapers, you will need 24-36 diapers in each size your baby reaches(some potty train before reaching the largest size. If you choose one-size diapers, you will need 24-36 total. There is a chance that you might need to replace worn items on occasion after extended use.

Wet Bag – Waterproof bags designed for storing your dirty diapers when you are on the go. They keeps messes and smells contained and come with either zipper or drawstring closure in a variety of sizes. Throw them in with your diaper load to clean. Many parents prefer to have two or more.

Cloth Wipes - I suggest 24-36. Many parents claim that they are planning on using disposable wipes, but it really makes sense to throw everything in one container rather than running with a poopy diaper to the pail and poopy wipes to the garbage. And they are useful for other things too…runny noses, bloody knees, spilled juice.

Pail Liner – Waterproof bags used to store dirty diapers at home between washes, either inside diaper pails or hanging on doorknobs or hooks. Simply push your dirty cloth diapers into your washer and push the bag in after them. Many parents prefer to have two.

Detergent – Use a cloth diaper safe detergent free of enzymes, dyes, fragrances, brighteners, and softeners.

Swim Diapers – Many public pools require washable swim diapers now as the stuff the disposables are made of clogs their filters.

*Might Wants*

Diaper Sprayer – Attaches to your toilet and makes the removal of solid waste as easy as a spray. Otherwise, you’ll need to dunk-n-swish or use a poop scraper.

Wipe solution- Designed to use in spray bottles or to otherwise moisten wipes. Made with gentle ingredients for baby’s skin. Must be diluted or mixed by you.

Wipe Spray – Pre-made spray to be applied directly onto baby bottoms and wipe clean with a cloth wipe.

Wipes Warmer – Use a solution or plain water to keep wipes moist and warm at home.

Small Wet Bag – Keep your dry wipes and spray organized and protect from leakage when you are on the go.

Flushable Liners – For easy cleaning of soiled diapers

Soakers or Doublers – Customizable to the needs of your child, these add absorbency to your diapers.

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