Using cloth wipes

If you cloth diaper, it really makes sense to use cloth wipes as well. Otherwise, when you have a dirty diaper you are challenged to make it to two separate containers with a poopy diaper in one hand and disposable wipes in the other. If you use cloth wipes, you can just throw them all in together! It is really very simple.


I use two different systems at home. Upstairs, where we mainly just nap, sleep, and bathe, I keep a basket with dry cloth wipes, bottom spray, and my diaper cream.


When I’m ready to do a change, I just grab my spray and a couple of wipes and I’m set.


I love a pre-made spray with a little scent to it since I am dealing with the smell of poop, but some people choose to use only water in a spray bottle. Others choose to use essential oils or special solutions (I use BabyBits) dissolved in water and add it to their spray bottle.


Downstairs, where we spend most of our time, I use warm, wet cloths for baby’s bottom which I store in a wipes warmer.


I know some people pre-soak their wipes and then place them in the warmer, but I’m all about easy, so this is what I do:

Fill the warmer about half full with distilled water. Tap water is probably fine, but I find it lasts a bit longer if I use distilled water. Usually I add one BabyBit to the water and let it melt. If I run out, I go with plain water-that works too! When it has dissolved, I grab a stack of folded wipes. They fit nicely just folded in half.


I press them into the water so they become saturated.


Then I let them sit that way until I need them.


I find that a great deal of the water evaporates, but we do live in a dry climate. If I run out of wet wipes and the water still seems fresh, I add a new pile of wipes. I dump out the water and rinse the warmer every 3-4 days.

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