Soakers vs Doublers

Sometimes cloth diaper terminology can be extremely confusing. One area that causes frustration for people is determining the difference between soakers and doublers and determining which they may need.

All Bottombumpers AIO diapers come with a Snap in Soaker. They are designed to be used with this system to provide absorbency inside of the waterproof outer shell made of PUL – Polyester Urethane Laminated Knit. These soakers are made with 4 layers of 100% Certified Organic Cotton and topped with Organic Bamboo Velour/Rayon, which stays soft next to baby’s delicate skin. Without the soaker, the AIO would likely leak if baby soiled it. If your soakers become worn out or stained, you can replace them with new soakers for only $5 and make the inside of your diapers like new!


Doublers are only needed regularly for babies who are heavy wetters. Other babies may need them occasionally for long periods like napping, car rides, or for overnight use. Bottombumpers doublers are made of 2 layers of 100% Certified Organic Cotton and are designed to be placed under the Snap in Soaker. They are cut trim to add extra absorbency without adding bulk that would cause a poor fit for the elastic around baby’s legs which may lead to leakage.


I normally advise people to buy about a half dozen doublers for their cloth diaper “layette,” but to find out what kind of wetter baby is before going overboard adding them to their stash. There is a strong likelihood that everyone will add doublers at some point during the cloth diapering years, but there is also a strong likelihood that most babies will be okay with the absorbency provided by the Snap in Soaker most of the time.

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