Sized or One-Size?

Are you trying to decide between sized or one-size diapers for your stash? Bottombumpers offers both, so here are a few pros and cons of each to consider before making your choice:

One-size diapers

Can be more economical
Easier when more than one child is in diapers
Will last for last for a longer span of baby’s diapering time
Generally fit babies from 8-10 pounds to 30-35 pounds, depending on the shape of the baby
Provides four size settings

On the smallest settings, the folded material and inserts can create quite a bit of bulk on a tiny baby
If baby is under 8 or so pounds, one size diapers have a tendency to swallow baby up
There is a greater chance for user error when changing the settings of the diaper
May leak if not properly adjusted for baby’s size

Sized diapers

As simple as paper diapers to use…just fasten and go
Provide a trimmer fit, especially on very tiny babies
No size adjustments needed
Price per diaper is less
May last through several children since they are used for a shorter duration
Some children potty learn before reaching the large size

Price of buying several sizes
Inability to share between two diapered children of different sizes
Require storage space when not in use

I personally love sized diapers for newborns and large toddlers, but like the one-size option for my babies between about 2 months and 2 years. Since my children grow quickly and very large, that’s a great combination for us. My newborn and large sized diapers have easily survived wear of 3-4 babies since they were used for short periods of time. My often used one-size diapers have needed some replacing along the way.

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