Prepping your cloth diapers for use

Whether you are expecting a newborn and planning to use cloth diapers, new to cloth diapering with an older baby, or getting new cloth for a baby already in them, it is important to know how properly prepare the diapers before you use them. Pre-washing “rules” differ by the type of material the diaper is made of. If not done correctly, the diaper may produce less than desirable results.


Natural fibers such as cotton, bamboo, and hemp take several washing and drying sessions to reach their maximum absorbency. Unbleached cotton contains a natural wax layer that is water-resistant and needs to be stripped away before they are used. They will shrink and become more fluffy and soft with each wash.

We suggest 6-8 initial washes for Bottombumpers on HOT with a very tiny amount of detergent (I recommend 1 tbsp). It is not necessary to dry in between each wash, but doing so will assist in removing any extra lint and making them more absorbent. Make sure to dry on hot at least once to seal the needle holes on the PUL and ensure shrinkage and proper absorbency.


Here are a few important things to remember when caring for your cloth:
1. Use a cloth diaper safe detergent

2. Unsnap the soaker before washing/drying so it doesn’t pull on the surrounding material and cause a hole


3. Allow the diapers to cool before you fold or put them away (or put them on baby) to protect the elastic from stretching out or breaking

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