Meet Susan, mama to 4 cloth diapered boys!

Hi there!   I’m Susan, mama to four boys (10,7,5, and 2) and married to my husband for twelve years.  Until early this summer our boys were raised in the suburbs of the Phoenix area.  My husband accepted a job in Spokane, Washington, so our family is now busy exploring a new and very different area.


My hubby and I have 4 boys: Atticus (10), Creeley (7), Townsyn (5), and Dempsey (2)

We decided we would breastfeed, cloth diaper, and homeschool our children when we were expecting our first son.  Eleven years ago there weren’t too many options for cloth diapers locally, but I made myself familiar with the Internet and helpful sites like I researched for many weeks, and decided to begin our cloth diapering journey with 24 All In One diapers, mostly white, but a few weird animal prints thrown in for fun.  We persevered for a while, but I didn’t like how long the diapers took to dry with many layers sewn down together.  Even in the Arizona heat, they did not dry quickly.  I researched more options and decided to give prefolds and wool covers a try since they seemed like the cheapest addition to add to our “stash” at the time.   I ended up loving wool and passing those AIOs along to another family.

Around the time of my second son’s pregnancy in 2005, the cloth diaper industry seemed to explode!   There were about a million more options for cloth diapers than when I started searching in 2002, and online cloth diaper shops and WAHM diapers were easy to find.  I was working out of the house at a breastfeeding store that we owned and planned to take my toddler and baby with me.  I decided to add a couple of pocket diapers to my stash to make diaper changes simple and quick while I was assisting customers.  Luckily I made a friend at the La Leche League conference that year who had just opened Wildflower Diapers in the Phoenix area!  I was able to create a registry online and received many diapers from friends, both locally and from afar.

Our third son was a surprise, and came well before our second was out of diapers.   I loved having pocket diapers for out and about, because it was easy to fit changes for two in the diaper bag.   I used our wool on both the baby and the toddler while we were at home and at night time.  After our third son was born, we ended up closing our breastfeeding business.  About a week later, I was offered a job at the showroom that was opening for Wildflower Diapers since the local response to cloth had been so great.   I loved having the opportunity to try a plethora of different diapers, help people pick the perfect cloth diaper, and help troubleshoot cloth diapering problems as they arose.

I continued to work for Wildflower Diapers until it closed during my pregnancy with our fourth son.  After he was born, I started helping out at GoGo Natural and writing blog posts about cloth diapering on The Cloth Diaper 411.  I have enjoyed trying all of the one size diapers that started to grow on the market while my third son was in diapers.  This lead me to my love of Bottombumpers diapers, which lead me to like the Facebook page, which lead me to blogging here.  I look forward to sharing some of the knowledge, tricks, and tips I have picked up along my parenting journey with you!

In addition to cloth diapering, I love to talk about all things related to natural family living…breastfeeding, extended nursing, natural birthing, homeschooling, whole foods eating, co-sleeping, baby-lead weaning, gentle discipline, and babywearing, to name a few.   I stay at home with our kids, but moonlight as a blogger.  I am a Master Babywearing Educator for Babywearing International (BWI) of the Inland Northwest, serve as Vice President on the Board of BWI, and am Co-Chair for the next International Babywearing Conference in Phoenix in 2014.  I love to knit and read, and make sure to take a little time to myself each day to do both.  I also enjoy cooking, sewing, running, hiking, pilates, and DIY crafting.

Let me know what you’d like to read about here!

About SusanC

Susan is a cloth diapering, breastfeeding, babywearing, homebirthing,
homeschooling, natural-living mama to four boys. She has enjoyed trying a plethora of cloth diapers, carriers, and other baby products over the past decade and loves to
share her experiences with others.


  1. Just saw the first blog post! Congrats and Hooray!~
    (Impressive stats Susan!!!!)

  2. I’m knew to cloth diapering. I have a 2 1/2 year old and a 9 month old. I would love to read about extended nursing and baby led weaning. My first is adopted and started on baby food early. My second son is for the most part, exclusively nursing. He does not like baby food. He does like table food but he doesn’t have any teeth. I’ve been searching for advice but haven’t found any. He still nurses every 2 hours. He is also towards the bottom of the growth charts.

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