Dirty diapers on the go

Over the years I have received the question repeatedly…what in the world do you do with your dirty diapers when you are out and about? It is a valid question, and one I had when I began cloth diapering in 2003. Back then, there were only a handful of online cloth diaper retailers, and I wasn’t a big online shopper.

I started by carrying sealable plastic storage bags for containing soiled diapers. Gross. Soggy cloth with urine and poop does not like plastic. Lesson learned.

On an online forum I learned about these fancy little inventions called wet bags. I hunted one down and bought it, and it revolutionized my cloth diapering experience.

The beauty of the wet bag is that it’s waterproof, mostly smell-proof, and washable…with your diapers! That’s right! You can throw your soiled diapers inside your wet bag, put it in your diaper bag, empty it in to your pail when you get home, and throw it in to wash all together. If someone walks by your diaper bag, they won’t be able to smell the soiled diapers either.

Now what to do with poops, you ask? Some people use the dunk & swish method if baby poops out in public and they have a restroom available. I love my diaper sprayer, so I just wrap those diapers up and deal with them when I get home. It does prevent me from just dumping everything into the pail (unless of course baby is still exclusively breastfeeding), but it only takes a few seconds.

There are many sizes and styles of wet bags available, and my personal preference is for zippered wet bags which are great for keeping smells contained. My suggestion is to invest in a few in a variety of sizes. They are useful far beyond your diapering years…for wet swimsuits, gym clothes, makeup, to keep books or electronics dry, and to keep in the car while potty training your toddler.

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