Caregivers and your cloth diapers

If someone other than you is caring for your baby, they might be willing to use your Bottombumpers AIOs. Here are some suggestions for speaking with them about it:

1. Take your Bottombumpers AIOs to show them rather an asking, “will you use cloth diapers?” They will see how easy they are to use compared to the flats, diaper pins, and plastic pants that would probably spring to mind if you just mentioned cloth diapers.


2. Consider whether the caregiver is able to use snap diapers, or if aplix is a better option. Certain situations, such as arthritis, may call for the ease of aplix closures.


3. Explain that cloth wipes can be used and thrown in with dirty diapers. Give them the option of pre-moistened wipes that you provide daily or dry wipes with spray.


4. Give the caregiver choices about wet bag types. You might provide separate bags for wet and dirty diapers, so you can deal with the poop later. Some caregivers may be okay with getting rid of the poop themselves. Some may require a small wet bag for each change. If they are watching other children they may require that the wet bag hangs or zips.

5. Provide your own diaper cream and label it with your child’s name. Let them know that some diaper creams are not cloth diaper safe.

6. Tell them cloth diapers need to be changed every time they are soiled. If you have an idea of how often you change baby or how baby acts when they need a change, note this information for the caregiver.

7. Explain the situations that may cause a cloth diaper to leak.

8. Make sure they understand your washing routine if you expect them to do it.

You might be pleasantly surprised that use of your Bottombumpers can extend beyond the times you are with your baby!

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